Welcome to Reparo!

Log in with GitHub, find your repository (or repositories), and build your label style guide! Your repo's labels will be updated, a PR to manage your labels moving forward will be made, and if you've created a wiki, a Label Style Guide will be generated.

You can get Reparo to automatically deploy updates to your labels on every new PR, allowing you to truly manage your labels from GitHub. Run npm install -g reparo to install the Reparo command line tools, make sure you've got GH_TOKEN and REPO_SLUG environment variables (set to a Personal Access Token and your repo in user/repo form respectively), and run reparo! If you've deployed Reparo, you can also set REPARO to the URL of your Reparo install.

If you're deploying with Travis, you can also do the following with those environment variables set:

before_depoy: npm install -g reparo

  - provider: script
    script: reparo
      branch: master